Three Women Who Won The War 

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We deliver in-depth stories and investigations focusing on women in conflict zones.
Our core areas of interest include equality, migration, climate, conflict, and corruption. We work across media formats, video, podcasts, and online interactive creative forms.
We strive to shed light on the diverse experiences of women in these critical contexts.

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Women Who Won The War Is

An online platform that provides a feminine perspective on the narratives of women in conflict zones

In times of war, the experiences of women are often stereotyped, relegating them to the role of victims—wives, mothers, and daughters of heroes or casualties. "Women Who Won War" aims to create spaces for women to narrate their stories in diverse ways. The initiative goes beyond mere storytelling; it offers support, training, and guidance to female journalists operating in conflict zones, with a particular focus on the Middle East and North Africa. The goal is to empower them to tell and portray stories from a feminist perspective that is more considerate of our human diversity. This website was launched under the "Jim Hogg Legacy Fellowship" in partnership with the International Center for Journalists.
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Training and Coaching

We provide specialised journalism training and mentorship for individuals and newsrooms, focusing on deep journalism and innovative digital media solutions. We contribute to fostering quality journalism in conflict zones, particularly in the Mena region.
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